"His [Zachary Wilder] expressive, flexible singing of the sixth-day recitative "And God Created Man,"

was complemented by the moving solo played by Principal Cello Velleda Miragias."

Boston Musical Intelligencer


The [Craft Quartet's] performance was lush, warm, robust and full-bodied. The players are clearly committed . . . 

and you should keep an eye out for them . . ."

Boston Musical Intelligencer

"Her [Velléda Miragias's] impeccable technical mastery with strong emotion was simply extraordinary . . ." 

le Confolentais


". . . near the end [of Mahler's Ninth Symphony], a trio of cellists—Rafael Popper-Keizer, Velleda Miragias, and Aristides Rivas—played with noble openness."

Boston Musical Intelligencer

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